Procedure to have ect Power Report fill the LCD Panel

Some users have found the screen area of the Power Report to be too small. The screen size can be increased but the LCD panel must be set to “FIT” the panel size. It is not necessary to change the screen resolution. If the panel setting is not returned to the default value after using ect Power Report; the ect48 display will be streched and signals on the sides will not be displayed properly.


The Display will be set to “Fit” the panel size by following these steps.

1. Find an empty area on the Windows Desktop and Right Click the Desktop. This will bring up a menu.


Choose Properties and Left Click.

2. Check the Screen resolution by Left clicking the Settings tab.


The proper setting is 1280×1024. When the screen is setup correctly there should be about 3/4″ black bar on both sides of the screen.

Left click on the Advanced button. This will bring up the Advanced options.


3. Left Click on Displays.


4. Left Click on the Panel button. This will open up the Panel Properties.

5. The Panel Attributes has a blue button labeled “Scale image to panel size”. This button should not be checked for normal ect 48 operation. Left click to place a Check in this button now to fill the panel when Power Report is being used.

6. Left click the OK button. A New settings have been applied menu. Click Yes to accept and continue. Select OK until the Display properties closes and you are back to the Windows Desktop. Start Power Report.