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ect MAD 8D eddy current system users have experienced two common difficulties in using their built-in Optical Disk Drives.

The first difficulty is that not all Operators know the designated letter for the Drive. Originally in most systems that we shipped the Optical Disk Drive was Drive D; however, more recently, in units with larger hard drives, the hard drive was partitioned into two or more logical drives. For example, one large hard drive may serve as Drives C, D, and E. In this case, the Optical Disk Drive would have been F.

To determine the letter assigned to the Optical Disk Drive, observe the boot sequence, because when the Optical Disk Drive driver is installed, the letter designated for the Optical Disk Drive will appear on the screen. If this goes by too quickly to read, then on the units we have shipped most recently, a message that appears after the boot sequence will indicate the designated Drive letter. If the unit you are using does not indicate the Optical Disk Drive, then you can determine the Optical Disk Drive letter using the following simple procedure: Insert a disk in the Drive and then at the DOS prompt, type Dir D: <Enter>. This will attempt to run a directory on Drive D. If Drive D is the Optical Disk Drive, then the light indicating that it is operating will illuminate and you may also hear the disk spinning.

Repeat this procedure using letters E, F, G, etc., until you identify the correct letter for the Optical Disk Drive installed in your machine.

The second difficulty Operators are experiencing is that they do not realize that optical disks have to be formatted prior to use. Optical disks are not formatted by typing Format D: at the DOS prompt. Follow the format procedure which appears in the appendix of the ect MAD 8D Manual.

Also make note that optical disks that you purchase or may have been supplied with your unit may need to be formatted even though they are labeled as formatted. The reason is that there is more than one standard for formatting optical disks, and if you purchase formatted disks, you may still have to reformat them with the format procedure before you can use them.

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Updated 2012Aug29