Electrical Conductivities of Materials Report

SECTION 1 Commonly Used Formulae

SECTION 2 Tabulated Calculation for the Value F

SECTION 3 Electrical Conductivities Sorted By Name

SECTION 4 Electrical Conductivities Sorted By Resistivity


The Electrical Conductivities of Materials Report was first published by Eddy Current Technology in 1984 as the most comprehensive listing of the electrical conductivity of metals. After 15 years of publication, it remains the most complete publication of electrical conductivities of materials and has become the document that people throughout the world turn to first when they need to know the electrical conductivity of an alloy.


The number of significant digits recorded on the following pages in no way indicates the accuracy of the values. Eddy Current Technology Incorporated makes no claim about the accuracy of the numbers in this report as this report is primarily a compilation of information published by others. Users will note that for some metals and alloys two numbers which are significantly different are published and that these two different numbers have come from two different sources.


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