ect 48 Screen Resolution



The video adapter has been set to “scale to panel size”. This is most noticable in the 640×480 screen mode. In this screen mode only 2 XY channels will display. When in 800×600 screen mode 6 XY channels will display.
NOTE: This problem assumes that the video display adapter has been correctly installed and is working properly. If the screen area can not be adjusted then there are more likely other causes of this symptom.
When the ect 48 screen is setup correctly (1280×1024) there should be about 3/4″ black bar on both sides of the Desktop. If the display is fillng up to both edges of the screen then the “scale to panel size” must be disabled. If the black bars are larger than 3/4″ then the screen resolution is less than 1280×1024,i.e. 640×480, and must be increased.


The video adapter can be set to not “scale to panel size” by following these steps.

1. First, make sure that the screen resolution is set up correctly. Find an empty area on the Windows Desktop and Right Click the Desktop. This will bring up a menu. Scroll down to Properties and Left Click.


2. Check the current Screen resolution. Left Click the Settings tab.


Look in the screen area adjustment box. The proper setting is 1280×1024 pixels. Use the mouse to move the bar and set the proper resolution if needed. If the bar does not move, then the video adapter is most likely installed incorrectly and must be reinstalled.

Left click on the Advanced button. This will bring up the Advanced options.

3. Left Click on Displays.


4. Left Click on the Panel button. This will open up the Panel Properties.


5. The Panel Attributes has a blue button labeled “Scale image to panel size”. This button should not be checked. If there is a check, click on the button to uncheck it.

6. Left click the OK button and continue to select OK until the Display propteries closes.
The computer may have to restart. There should now be 3/4″ black bars on both sides of the desktop.