Micro Dock Software

Executable files are not allowed to be uploaded directly to the web site so they must be compressed into a zip folder. You will need a program that will open zip files as well as the supplied password in order to download the file.

Download the Zip file from the link below then extract the executable software.
Host Computer ect48 Folder

ect48.exe will run in Windows XP and Windows 98
ect48w7.exe will run in Windows 7

Installation Instructions:
For a Laptop with Windows 7 OS.

Install the ect48.exe file in the ect48 directory on the ect slave (Micro Dock) computer and install the ect48w7.exe file in the ect48 directory on the (Host) Laptop.

How to copy the updated ect48.exe file onto the ect slave computer:

Step 1
Connect the ect Micro Dock system together.

Start both computers.
The updated software can not be copied onto the ect slave computer until the ect 48 program has closed. Based upon the software version loaded on the ect slave (Micro Dock) computer follow one of these methods.

For Micro Docks running ect48 software versions below version 3.301
DO NOT run the ect 48 software on the laptop.
Wait for the ect 48 program to close on the Micro Dock. The Micro Dock will quit searching for the Laptop and close the ect 48 software. This takes approximately 10 minutes.

For software version 3.301 and above run the ect 48 software. Quit the ect 48 software with the option to NOT turn off the Dock. This will leave the network connected and files can be transferred from the Laptop to the Dock. You can also wait 10 minutes and the ect 48 program on the Micro Dock will close.
Step 2
You will now use the Laptop and Windows Explorer to copy the ect48.exe file onto the (Micro Dock) slave computer.

There should be a shortcut to the ect slave computer on the desktop of the Laptop. Locate and open the ect48 folder on the ect slave computer.

Copy the downloaded ect48.exe file into the ect48 directory. You will get one of two messages at this point.

1.) A file with the name ect48.exe already exists.
2.) The file is already open.

With the first message it is ok to overwrite the existing file.

With the second message, the ect 48 program has not closed and the file can not be copied. Wait for the program to close and try to copy the file again.

You can also connect a monitor to the Micro Dock the make sure the ect 48 program has closed if you continue to have problems copying the software.